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ERA E-seminar on bone biopsies - watch the webcast!

Curious about indications and different techniques of bone biopsy in CKD? Watch the ERA e-seminar with members of the EUROD!

ERA e-seminar: CKD-MBD: from bone biopsy to treatment in advanced CKD patients

Bone biopsy remains the gold standard to characterize metabolic bone disorders in Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients. Many hurdles continue to threaten the uptake of bone biopsies, including the invasiveness of the method. A new technical approach could promote expertise, and implement proper solutions to spread bone biopsies in the clinical practice of Mineral and Bone Disorder (MBD) in CKD patients.

This webinar features two expert speakers on the topic of bone biopsies: 

Pieter Evenepoel, Leuven, Belgium: Current role of bone biopsy in clinical practice
Maurizio Gallieni, Milan, Italy: Developments towards a more patient-friendly bone biopsy technique

Watch the webcast here: