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EUROD clinical-pathological case-conference 14th Nov - watch the webcast!

Watch the webcast: A patient on hemodialysis with a vertebral fracture!

On the 14th of November we discussed A patient on hemodialysis with a vertebral fracture. Find out why our experts called this case “the perfect storm" of CKD-associated osteoporosis - watch the webcast here: 

The clinical case was presented by Hanne Skou Jørgensen from Aalborg, Denmark and discussed with Pieter Evenepoel (Leuven, Belgium), Syazrah Salam (Sheffield, UK), and Kenneth Poole (Cambridge, UK).

Brief description: Patients with CKDG5D have a high risk of fracture, but we are often faced with uncertainty of the underlying bone pathology when addressing bone fragility in these patients. This e-seminar discusses diagnostic work-up and treatment options in a case of a young woman receiving hemodialysis that experienced spontaneous vertebral fractures - in a center where bone biopsies are unavailable.

The session was hosted by the European Renal Association as part of their e-seminar series.
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